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Hopefully you are here to join the busiest fishing and angling chat forum in the UK. Our angling site now has many of the countries top anglers registered on our forum discussing fishing and everything fishy! Every aspect of fishing tackle, bait and tactics from Match fishing to coarse and carp fishing, join now - it is free! Talk angling is the busiest fishing chat site on the net, oh and the friendliest.

There are several ways you can get in touch with the Talk Angling team. The prefered method is to join our forum and send a private message to the site admin.

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We are now looking for anglers to become the next big star! Yes Talk Angling UK wants you to video yourself and send us the clips on DVD - we will then encode them and upload them to the website for thousands of people to see every day!

Discuss all the latest tactics and fishing tackle in our forum - the UK's busiest! Join the Talk Angling club - Its FREE and will always be!

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Newcomers to the sport of angling along with the expert angler wishing to learn a little bit more will hopefully enhance their knowledge. With advice from top angling coaches and pro anglers within the match fishing world including still water, canal and river to commercial specialists, we hope anglers of all kinds will benefit from this site. Improve your fishing, learn about the best tackle and make new friends in our forum - talk angling UK has one of the busiest forums on the net.

I joined the Talk Angling forum and met loads of great lads in my area - Talk Angling is the friendliest forum on the net! John B - Leeds.

Want to earn a few quid from your favorite hobby? If you think you can write a professional looking fishing article we may want to buy it from you for our site! Just email with your ideas. Features on fishing styles and techniques at various venues will be written, and well-known anglers will be interviewed to gleam their knowledge and secret methods. You will be able to learn secrets from successful match anglers that will hopefully give you an edge in your next match or outing, making a real difference to the numbers and size of fish you land.

In addition there will be unbiased tackle reviews and advertisements from leading tackle companies and suppliers.You can visit our 'Forum' page if you would like advice or a general chat with talkangling readers just like you, make friends and chat about fishing to your hearts content.

Bob Nudd supports Talk Angling

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Anglers - if you want to do a feature and publish it on this website - it's free just join the forum and send one of the moderators a PM and we will get it online for all to read in 48 hours!

Why not join the forum and advertise your club, meet other keen anglers in your area, local fishing tackle shop or even get involved by organising a match in your local area - our matches are getting plenty attending and more and more are being run every week.